to see Aedyn's 26 week ultrasound via at the bottom of the blog posts.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

High Blood Pressure

so today all started for us at 12:30 in the morning with a little nausia that woke me up. I began with checking my blood sugar it was pretty good at 79. Then i thought well maybe I should check my blood pressure - well it was in the 160's/99!!! not one time, but two times - I began to check it thorughout the next half hour, by 1:00 AM I was finally able to fall back to sleep with 138/84. Not bad, but I checked my blood sugar again it was 76. I figured since it was on the down slide, I would suspend my basal rate insulin until it was time to wake up, so no insulin from 1am to 630am - and when i woke up my fasting blood sugar was 99 - still great! but again my blood pressure was 138/84 - not too bad. well by the time I got to work it was in the 150's from 9am to 11am. I called the MFM's office, they were not that concerned, just drink some water and relax and stay cool.
Since I did not have a headache, blurry vision and I was no longer nausiated - we were doing pretty good.
when I got home from work it was 138/74 and I feel just fine.

I have a fluid check in the morning so we will see how things go from there.

She has been a little dormant last night and today - not too much movement going on - i am not quite worried yet - since I can still feel when she is getting wiggly and I will see here on u/s again in the morning.

Although we have a date set for Aug 20th, I am not sure my body is going to agree with the date that was seems that this old body of mine is thinking sooner than later.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Date has been set

Tentatively speaking!

Today's NST went well and the talk with Dr was quite insightful. Aedyn is doing well and mommy is too. She got buzzed again today, she really did not like it at all. Her heart rate increased from the nice 130-140's to the 160-180's. And then she decided that it was all my fault and was kicking me for some time after that. At least she is responding and active!
We are scheduled for our final growth scan on Aug 12th and then we will have an amnio done on Aug 19th to ensure she is ready to meet the world. If all goes well on the 19th, we will be induced on the 20th!
I pray that the induction is fast and she is ready to meet the world with a big hollar!
We are all set to have an epidural free delivery.

22 days until we get to meet little Aedyn Satori!

Added info: The early induction is due to the diabetes.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Aedyn's First Present!

Our little Aedyn received her first present last week from our dearest mamasoon, Josee!
Thank you so so so much!!!! We have already stuffed the diaper bag with things that need to go with us to the hospital, like her picture outfit, her personalized blanket that was given by Andrea, and her mommy and daddy made snoopy onesies, of course we'll have some diapers and diaper accessories too.

pretty simple room with snoopy everywhere!
here are the other gifts the ladies from work gave little Aedyn!

Oh and look at the yummy cake!!!

we had a great time, though many of the ladies had other plans they sent Aedyn gifts for the shower. we both enjoyed spending the afternoon with the girls.

Oh yes, I can't forget to post the pictures of me being prego - although, i feel more like a huge watermelon is strapped to my front! the blue is at 33 wks and the green is at 34 wks.

Friday, July 25, 2008

34 wks tomorrow!

Aedyn is still sucking on her hand, we had a fluid check u/s today and did not need to do the NST because we could see the respitory activity again :)
but she has got that hand right up against her little lips again! I have a thumb sucker on the way ---- gotta love the habbits they bring from the womb.
still head down - and today she got the buzz 3 times, it was quite entertaining to watch because the first time she just moved her hand, the second time she moved every limb, and the thrid time was like "what ever" leave me alone i am trying to sleep in here!
tomorrow is her baby shower from the ladies at work - lots of fun and lots of pink are on the way!
i am gonna bring the camera and post the pictures of her new stuff - if i can figure out how to download those darn pictures - i may have to get some technical help from DH or the brother.....OH my, i am normally the technical one around the house, but she is slowing sucking up all my brain cells!

also got my hands, neck and lower back adjusted - my back and neck feel much better, but my hands although not clicking and popping out of the joints feel very very stiff.

i am not complaining in anyway - i would not trade a single day of this pregnancy for anything.
maybe just one day - when we found out that Aedyn's twin passed away (Ash Wednesday 2008).

Tuesday's ob appt might bring me news i am not wanting to hear this early - my blood sugar for the last 4 days have been quite perfect! i am still praying and willing for an August 26th delivery date - but God and the MFM will decide on that if Aedyn doesnt do it for them.

Have a great weekend my friends!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NST #2

yesterday was nst #2 - she was not too happy with the equipment - she kept wiggling around and kicking it.....needlesstosay i was hooked up for over a half hour and the NP came in for my OB appt while i was still hooked up.
on the plus side:

not enough protein to count in my 24 hour test, however, i still have 1+protein with my morning sample. my blood sugar is back to its normal self - going crazy - with exception to yesterday, where it was perfect all day. i even woke up this morning with an 80! they will keep watching me closely.

the NP asked when i wanted to go on leave......huh? you mean i get to decided? she thinks it would be a good idea soon since i have a bad case of edema in both my hands and feet, along with toxema induced carpotunnel in my right hand that is now progressing to my left hand.
it is quite entertaining to see the bottom of the thumb bone pop back into the socket.....however a little painful.

i have another fluid check on Friday, so i will get to see Aedyn sucking on her hand again :)

we have our first baby shower with the ladies at work this saturday. and then the ladies at chuch are having one for Aedyn the following saturday. i am so not a receiver of gifts, i prefer to be on the other side with the giving.

okay - well i never did get to finish with Aedyn's room last weekend, i got on the lazy and swollen side. i did however finally get a pregnancy photo of me taken (yes, one) at 33 wks. we got a new camera so i have to figure out how to get the photo off the camera and post it.

so if you are patient with me - i promise to get busy with Aedyn's room and posting all the photos.

have a great humpday!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

33 Wks

Woo Hoo - 33 weeks today!

we did the fluid check yesterday and were to have another NST, but since little Aedyn's fluid was great and they could see respitory activity, no NST needed!
she was ...... yes......sucking on her hand again.....i think her left hand is going to be pruned when she gets here!

i am getting much more swollen as the days continue, i gain 2 lbs in 3 days!!! yes 2lbs - all water weight i am sure since it now takes about 10 mins once i get my shoes on for me to get them tied.

the toxema in my right hand is getting much worse....the chiropractor adjusted it and it felt great for about 6-7 hours, but now the bone at the wrist where my thumb is keeps popping out - it is cool to watch, but a little painful.

ahh the wonders of carrying a baby, i wouldnt trade any of it in ~ it is so worth every minute.

my mom asked me the other day if we were sure we didnt just want one so i wouldnt have to go through this again......................i couldnt image no going through this again to have another miracle to add to our family. God is good and has carried me through. If i couldn't handle it, he would never had let us get this far.
and i find more strenght each day knowing that Ethan and Andrew are watching over their sister. my PERFECT angels.

Have a great weekend, we really are going to finish her room today!!!! and i will post pics before the weekend is over!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our 1st NST

our first non stress test, not bad at all. Aedyn was quite a little active girl, i think because i did not eat breakfast before going, since i have to do the 24 test today, i didnt want to have to have my bladder burst at their office and then have to start all over.

her little heart beat was all over the place....anywhere from 140 to the highest i have ever seen of 170. no contractions!!!

edema is still really bad and i just got some quite disturbing news.
apparently they want my sugar to get worse, it is a good sign that the placenta is doing it job by flooding my body with hormones.....and since i have been having really good sugars without chaning my pump settings over the last week, this is a cause for concern that maybe the placenta is not doing a great job with the flooding of hormones and if this is the case, they will have me deliver in the next few weeks - but we are going to monitor this closely over the next 10-14 days before any decision is made definate.

i never thought i would pray for my insulin needs to increase, but that is the prayer i have right now!!!

i really would like her to chill out in here until at least Aug 23rd!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

32 wks

okay our 32 wk 3/4D u/s came and went - i planned on posting pics last night, but instead spent 3 hours trying to get my blood sugar to stabalize.

let me start from the beginning

our appt on Saturday......she loves to suck on her left hand and her little foot :)

such a little stinker already!
after the appointment, we really did not do too much, i took a nap and cooked some dinner and we just kinda hung out around the house.
Sunday - started off to be a pretty good day - went to church and had some good ole southern style lunch for the PWOC fundraiser and headed off to the grocery store.
got home and rested a little then cooked dinner for the family and a friend.
about an hour after dinner, which tasted great going down, but not so much coming up.
not quite sure why it came up, but it did...........i laid down and had a frozen juice pop thinking that would calm my tummy and give me some sugar to off set what i just disposed of.
well at the 2 hour mark, i check my blood sugar and it was 55 - normal is 70, i was a little low, so DH gave me about 16 oz of orange juice - which is about 40 grams of carbs, i tested again 10 mins later and my sugar had gone down to 52, so i had another frozen juice pop (15 grams) and 3 glucose tabs (12 grams) and waited 10 mins and tested again 47! what the heck, it is still going down!!! i checked my insulin pump and suspended it for an hour - DH got my Glucogon Emergency Kit and we called the Nurse on call. while we waited for her call back, i check my sugar again, thinking okay it should at least be going up by now - i have just consumed over 60 grams of carbs in the last 30 mins.......................44, she called back (within about 5 mins) and said to get some milk and cheese ready and take the shot...........once i take this shot to counter act the effects of my sugar going sky high i have to have protein. i did not take the entire shot, maybe 1/3rd of the vial.
i have only taken this shot one other time and i took the whole vial and with 30 mins, my sugar was in the 400's - never again i swore.
but this was worrying my quite a bit, as Aedyn, was kicking and kicking and kicking - i am very sure it was from all the sugar, but she wore herself out last night, coz today she has been pretty dormant....only 4-6 kicks per hour.
okay back to last night - 15 mins after the shot my sugar was 66 on the rise! thank GOD!!!!
and 15 mins after that it was 209! that shot really works - needless to say, having very low and the quite high blood sugar is extremely exhausting - i litterly passed out. The nurse called about another half hour later to ensure that i got my sugars over 75 and make sure i was not in a coma.
DH says i slept so hard, that i was snoring quite loudly.............i dont remember much about sleeping, but i guess i might have been snoring considering how physically exhausted i was.
I awoke this AM at 630 with a blood sugar of 81 - perfect!
and today my sugars have been perfect.
Although, i think with the physcial exhaustion of last night, i might have allowed my immune system to be compromised and I feel like I am catching a cold of some sort, my throat is feeling quite scratching and swollen.
I have an appt tomorrow for my non-stress test and my 24 protein(urine) test, as well as an OB visit - so we'll see how i feel when i wake up.
Sorry this was such a long post! I hope everyone else has started their week off in a much brighter note!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Almost 32 wks

2 more days and we get to see our little girls smile again.....well hopefully she smiles for us again. she has been so much more active these last few days - actually making my tummy jump it is the wierdest sight to see....let alone feel.

work has been a long yet short week. as i prepare for a 3 day work week starting next week, i am finding myself overwhelmed with how much work i really do have to sifen out to my staff and my co-workers who are already busy with their own work. at least for me, i can do work from home in my pj's :)

i have my connection to the server, access to my email, and a good ole fashion fax machine....what else do i need. i have already proven that my job could be successfully done from home for a short time period, as last year after the boys came, i was out for 6 wks and did do some things from home as i felt up to it. this year will probably be a little different since a little one will be needing me almost every minute of the day.........okay i will be needing her every minute of the day :)

thank goodness tomorrow is friday!!!! then we will have one more day until the 3/4D ultrasound!

i can hardly wait - since she is moving around a lot more, it will be fun to just watch her.

i will definatly post her new pics as soon as i get home!!!

have a great and blessed weekend to come.

Monday, July 7, 2008

1+ Proteins

okay so Wk 31 is starting off with quite an uproar.

Saturday wk31 - Aedyn decided she liked to dance and dance and dance. we went to some friends house and they were playing all sorts of carribean music - she just loved it!!! it was like she was doing the hokie pokie in there.

Sunday wk31d1 - Aedyn must have wore herself out, becasue there was very little movement all day long - i was not really worried until it came time for me actually do a count and even after a nice cold beverage, she still was chillin out in there - so out came the doppler....a nice 155bpm, i slept well since i found her heart very quickly and we had an appt today.

So Today, Monday wk31d2 - our appt is pretty good, she is now up and about moving around and kicking like crazy.......however, today's urine test came back with ketones, sugar, and 1+proteins. Now i have to have a 24hour protein test along with a laundry list of blood work to test for pre-eclampsia.....(i cant spell by the way).

And a new regiment begins next week - Perinatal visits every tuesday and every friday - for stress and fluid checks, along with my leaving my sample.

I have no true tale signs of PE - no blurred vision, no headaches, no seeing stars, and no high blood pressure.....however, i do have the protein dumping and a very bad case of is almost to my knees.

I thank God that I have a great team of Doctors!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

9 1/2 weeks

well we have about 9 1/2 weeks until the due date. i am getting more and more nervous as the days count down, but also very anxious.

she is definately moving around a lot more and kicking a lot more, she responds to sounds....especially when my Cat Peanut lays his purring head on my tummy.....she moves toward the sound.

and when daddy is reading, she is oh so very attentive......kicking me when there is too much pause in his book.

Oh Baby, The Places You'll Go - a wonder rhyming book by Dr Suess.

counting her movements and kicks is very difficult as i often forget my count and have to start all over.....then there are times, she is sleeping and i have to wake her up with a nice very cold bottle of water.....boy does she get mad - kick kick kick in the same spot.

but i wouldnt trade those wonderful kicks for anything, some times they hurt and sometimes it is all i can do to keep from giggling and smiling.

we have our 32 wk 3/4D u/s coming up on the 12th and i can hardly wait to see her face and big hands and feet again!

Our little Aedyn Satori will be here soon and the world as we know it will be changed forever.

Aedyn at 26 weeks (Only You - David Crowder Band)