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Sunday, June 28, 2009

What a week!

This has been quite a long week!
I am exhausted and I only worked 3 days this week.

My mom came to visit so I took the 2 days she was here off to spend with her and Aedyn.
Aedyn loves her grandma that is for sure!

While I know there is this little body growing inside me and draining all my energy, Aedyn and I have so much fun together!
She has learned how to pull herself up and she loves to stand. When she is at her music table, I have started to sing "shake shake shake" and she will shake her little tushie! It is so cute. But everytime I get the camera to video clip it, she just stares at the camera. So I'll have to try to get her to do this while dad holds the camera.
She has finally got her second tooth coming in! One little ridge of the tooth has broken through the gum!
Tuesday is going to be another u/s day! We'll get to see little baby E's heartbeat again :) I think the NT scan will be scheduled for the 10th of July. Not too far off.
I am still in shock. I have no symptoms other than the fatigue, but that could be caused by anything really. I am working full-time, teaching online, and spending every waking moment Aedyn and hubby!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

God has a plan....

Although we are not always privy to the plan, there is a plan.

As you recall, in my last post, I got the Lap Band.

Well......Apparently on May 12th, when they did the pregnancy test before the surgery, I was not pregnant and I got banded!
Now ready to reduce my weight, my insulin, and get active with Aedyn, I began this new journey.

After a failed FET in Februray and a failed Clomid cycle in March, I new that it would be okay to slow it down and wait at least half of my total goal for weight loss was achieved for us to try for a sibling.

Well this is where God had a plan.

Apparently, the pregnancy test they did on the 12th, was just too early to detect with urine.
As of today, I am 8w5d pregnant with a singleton.

Now is the worry that the surgery may have done something to the development of this baby.

Your prayers are so needed and so appreciated!

The first u/s was today, a nice 158bpm and four little limbs growing, it was a beautiful sight.

We have choose not to find out the sex, but have agreed on both a girl and a boy name that starts with the letter E, so we will call this Baby E until the birthday.

Baby E is expected to come Jan 21, 2010, however we really believe that Dec 31, 2009 will be the birthday :)

Aedyn at 26 weeks (Only You - David Crowder Band)