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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Growth Scan

Friday was nice, no work, wonderful lower back adjustment and we got to see Aedyn again.

She is definatly going to be a very tall little girl! She was measuring 28w3d on Friday which was about 3 days biggie, she is actually catching up as she has been 7 days behind from the beginning. Her approximate weight is 2lbs13oz - right on target.

We had a Fetal Fibronectin test done STAT because of our fun came back with a voice mail that said the test came back ok ---- but didnt tell me if it was negative or positive, i will assume it came bac negative~otherwise we would have been headed to Good Sam.

After my very long day rolling egg rolls all day Saturday, I mostly laid around and did nothing!

And Sunday was filled with cooking all day ~ we had a total of 8 mouths to feed and boy did I feed them a lot of food.....about 70 egg rolls, fried rice, sweet and sour chicken and egg drop soup. Everyone was stuffed!
By the time I started to relax, I had 2 breath-taking contractions 15 mins apart and my saving grace walked in gave me a nice big 17-alpha Hydroxyprogesterone caporate shot and voila - no more contractions!

Monday was mostly a i was driving to my Resolve meeting, i had a very very uneasy contraction and while talking with DH decided that if after drinking a couple glasses of water they were not letting up, i would be calling him on my way home and for him to be ready to take me to Good Sam. It seems that I was a bit dehydrated, because after drinking 2 glasses of water they subsided. No contractions after that.
Got some great promising news while there, one of the ladies who is pursuing adoption got the call, they have been picked. Now they need to meet with the birth parents. Pray that all goes smoothing and that when this little baby is born within the next 8 wks, they will become parents!!!

And we come to today! Numbers are filling my head and they gave me a headache. The chiropractor took the headache away though. However, since the adjustment, I am extremely exhausted.

So yes while it is only 7PM - I am off to lay in bed and drift away for the night.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What a Hump Day!

so lets see - where to start, where to start?

yesterday was a blur until later in the evening when Aedyn decided that moving around and being noticeable was not going to be her style for the night - needless to say, it freaked me out, so I brought out the big gun....okay the little doppler. took quite some time to find her heartbeat, about the time I was trying to calm myself, I decided to just hold the doppler above my belly button and press firmly! I guess she woke up - coz all the sudden I got the big swooshing, swooshing, and about 10 seconds of heartbeat 155....then the swooshing commenced, I felt a lot better even though i still couldnt feel her moving around.
I realized that it seems like over night, but my shirts are so much tighter today than they were last week - I am assuming she just got some more room in there with the uterus expanding yet again and I just couldnt feel it.

I really do ramble on, so forgive me...where was I?

Hump Day - the day was long and hot and got worse! while on the drive home, a little rock decided that my windshield was going to be its victim! Uggg - I hate having to replace my windshield. my military base sticker is on the windshield!!! what does this mean? well Luke AFB doesnt issue them, if we go out of town or to another military base, we have to stop at the visitor gate and get a pass every time! we normally get our sticker from San Diego Naval base..................I guess we will just have to make a trip up there soon. I am sure Aedyn will want to visit with Dr Laufer, after all he had a hand in bringing her to us. I would rather go up there NOW ---- it is an inferno here in AZ.

Finally got my vents at work open, so my office can be a cool 70 degrees :) 3 years i have been freezing in my office with the vents CLOSED and now i am burning up and they are open!

Well enough of me complaining.

Aedyn decided that kicking me noticably today was cool, so when a co-worker pointed out that my belly was jumping, she just had to kick me more! It was kinda cool and at the same time, a little painful, I definatly had to go pee after her kicking.....she is going to be quite the handful.

And we want to do this again next summer!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day weekend

okay - so i know that i said we would finish her room. Alas, we never stepped into her room this weekend. So many things took over. it is the end of our fiscal year at work and some purchases needed to be made. spent most of Saturday AM getting this done, by the time we got home, it was so hot outside, all i could do was lay on the bean bags and veg out.
Sunday - we didnt really do any celebrating - it seems that between remembering the loss of our two sons, it was hard to celebrate the upcoming birth of our little girl. instead we decided that going to chuch and getting our groceries and coming home to spend some quality time together was better for us. avoid all the crowds and all the daddy talk for now.

Aedyn has been giving me some contractions but they seems to have subsided after my P17 shot - so far none today.

Picture this!!! it really is funny - and you can even try it at home for yourself :)
I had to renew my CPR certification today......the dummy on the floor and round pregnant girl over it trying to lean down to do the ABC's of CPR...needless to say, I kicked the guy next to me, because standing on my knees and leaning over just doesnt i almost layed down and kicked my leg out which hit him! luckily he didnt think anything of it.
so - how do you try this at home you ask!
take a basket ball, tuck it under your shirt, stand on you knees and lean forward tilting your head to do the Look Listen and Hear will defiantly fall over -just like me :)

Oh yeah, after kicking this guy, he was nice enough to help me back up off the floor.

Well at least it is done now!

And it brought back all those things i need to remember about CPR for babies! A major plus.

I wont promise, but I think I will finish her room this weekend while Daddy is at a nice and cool sound board confrence for chuch on Saturday!

By the way - Goodyear's high today was the highest in the Valley of Sun - 115!!!!! INFERNO!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time Fly's

time has been flying by so quickly - summer is here and boy is it HOT!

DH and I celebrated our 5 year anniversay Saturday that just passed in Pinetop, AZ. It was beautiful up there. We hung out in the beautiful small town, got some local diner food, caught a movie, went swimming at the resort, and caught the races at Race.way.
The races were great, loud engines and exhaust - the bleachers and uncomfortableness was not so fun. I think Aedyn will enjoy the races, she was quite active and kicking a lot while we were there, especially when the engines reved up nice and loud.
She has been moving around so much lately, when she is not moving, i have to give her a little wiggle.

Work is also pretty busy these days, it is the end of the fiscal year and we are trying to make sure we are ready to close the books and start a new fiscal year. Summer time is definatley my busy time. Last year, our Fincial audit was done while I was on leave, and it seems that it will be the same this year......I wish I could say I planned it this way, but I can't.

We had our 3rd echo done last friday and Aedyn's heart is just perfect. The MFM wants us to come back on the 20th for a growth scan to see where we are with her weight.
My blood sugar this weekend was really bad - I think she decided to have some growth spurt, because i got my insulin pump adjusted and it was back to normal for a day or two. it is getting high again - so i am sure they will adjust it again tomorrow.
funny how breakfast today is exactly the same as breakfast yesterday and my sugar is almost 40 points different! she is definatly growing!!!

Have a great weekend! I plan on truely finishing the room this weekend and will post the finished product by Sunday Night.

Aedyn at 26 weeks (Only You - David Crowder Band)