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Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Head Count

So our short story on the head count. May 18, 2007 - we started out day very early with a 5 hour drive to San Diego for an ultrasound.

Just past the half way point we reach El Centro and I feel what seems like a bladder control loss - so I ask my wonderful husband to pull over the next exit with a bathroom.

He stopes at the McDonalds - I run into the ladies room to find that my panty liner is completly filled and overflowing with blood. I am now of course in a panic. Luckily there is a 7-11 just a few buildings away, we drive over to it and purchase sanitary napkins and i run into their rest room to put it on.

Back in the car, continue to journey to San Diego NTC. I call and get the voice mail, they are on the other line......I leave a message - "we are about 2 hours out, my appt is in 4 hours, however, i am bleeding quite heavily -please call me back with instructions"

less than 5 mins, they call - "Come directly into the NTC, we will see you as soon as you get here"

I lay back in the seat listening to You are my All in All from one of my Christian compliations.
Over and over, this song plays, my wonderful husband - just drives.
"You are my strength when I am weak, You are the Treasure that I seek, You are my All in All"

We get to the NTC - go straight up to the Infertility Clinic it is 11:30 - I get right into a room and ready for the u/s.
Beautiful pictures printed for us at 11:41 - There are TWO sacs, TWO heartbeats, and TWO Perfect Size Babies.
However, we are told, we must prepare with the amount of blood loss and the fact that there is still blood in the uterus that we may loose one or both of the babies. News we did not want to hear, but needed to know the truth.
I am put back on Progesterone suppositories and sent home. We are to come back in a week.

The Progesterone has stopped the bleeding!

Aedyn at 26 weeks (Only You - David Crowder Band)