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Thursday, October 23, 2008

A pretty quite week

well my last post was about the disappointment of the LLL meeting - the rest of the week has been pretty quite as far as life goes. the noise has been coming from the horrible gas little miss Aedyn has been having. It has not been a fun time, but I think that is now behind us. She has been doing great last night and today - so we count our blessings.
Tomorrow we get to see mr Jake - her little boyfriend! He is a real handsome baby. He will be 4 wks old on Saturday!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

High Expectations

Okay - I guess my expectations were set a little high after being a part of Resolve group meetings.....the LLL meeting was not what I expected at all. In fact, it was hardly a meeting at all.
I will start from the beginning.

I arrived at the coffee shop and found the other ladies and babies/toddlers.
Upon arrival, I was not greeted until after I said hello - is the the LLL meeting?
Then someone said oh yes, come join us. They seem to be so involved with just chatting amongst themselves.
There was no introduction period, and there was no useful discussions. It was primarily one of the three leaders of the group asking me questions one on one and then giving me a bunch of brochures.
There was only one other lady there that had a little girl just about a week younger than Aedyn. And she was there primarily to network since she is new in town.
No body there had issues with milk production let alone issues with breastfeeding.
Except the other lady and I - I am not really sure how she felt about the meeting, but I thought it was a waste of my morning. I am really disappointed. I was hoping I guess to have a more formalized discussion like we do with infertility at the resolve meetings.

Oh well - I guess when you set the bar too high, you are bound to be disappointed.

On to the afternoon - Aedyn and I went to visit our wonderful friends Mar.gie and Bo.bbi - we had a wonderful lunch and afternoon chat. Until Aedyn was ready to go home and sleep. So off to home we are.

Monday, October 13, 2008

AF or Not AF

So I thought I had AF start on the 29th, it lasted for 4 days. Then I had AF start again on the 3rd, it is still here. So was the 29th AF or is the 3rd AF?

I am going to guess that the 29th was and so is the 3rd - with the nursing and the domperidone and having given birth, I think that the uterus is still shrinking down and the body is still trying to get rid of the excess blood.

I would say that my next cycle would truely be a normal cycle - hopefully it doesnt show up for a few more weeks though, then I can start to figure out my timing again.

Tomorrow is the La.Lache.Leage meeting over at a coffee shop down the way from the base, Aedyn and I are going to take a chance and attend the meeting. I am hoping to meet other mommies and find some support for the over flow of emotions I am having for not being able to produce enough for her.

Thursday is here 2 month appointment, so I will get to find out how much she now weighs and how much taller she is - hopefully she is doing great even though she still doesnt eat much at all.

well she is crying now, so I am going to sign off and give her lots of hugs and kisses :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

It has been a day!

Okay where have I been? updating Aedyn's blog more often.

So AF came and went, and then showed up again today! Oh well, maybe last week was not AF??

My little Aedyn is doing so well, be sure to check out her blog for updated pictures.

So - I called the NTC (our IVF clinic) and found out the scoop on what is going on.

Basically we cannot scheduled a FET until it has been 6 months since Aedyn's birth - Navy Rules. But we can call 2 months prior to schedule the baseline u/s and the possible FET.

So we are looking at calling in January for a beginning of March baseline and FET - which if it works will bring us a little one sometime in October/November......perfect timing but if it doesn't we'll end up doing FET's until it does work.

Right now we have 16 frozen embryos....I would love it if we could have all 16 but, that is simply out of the question!!! with my age, the time involved, the cost to raise a football team, and the fact that - it is impossible for all 16 frozen embies to make it to implantation - so we pray for one, while silently I continue to pray for 2.

Once we have delivered #2(and maybe #3).......we will be donating our remaining embryos to other couples who are still on this journey.

We know there are several blood tests required and a really huge screening for both DH and I, but we also know that there are loving families out there who are struggling just like we did to have their family begin.

We prefer to have an open donation, to allow the parents to know who we are and for them to be able to contact us while their little one grows up. I feel that this would be a better situation if for some reason they need additional medical information or if our little one gets sick and needs us. In addition, the world is a small place and I would prefer to know that our children if they ever were to meet would NEED to know that they are biologically 100% brother/sister.

Okay - now that I have rambled on and on - I am going to sign off and spend some time with DH and Aedyn.

Aedyn at 26 weeks (Only You - David Crowder Band)