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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

God has a plan....

Although we are not always privy to the plan, there is a plan.

As you recall, in my last post, I got the Lap Band.

Well......Apparently on May 12th, when they did the pregnancy test before the surgery, I was not pregnant and I got banded!
Now ready to reduce my weight, my insulin, and get active with Aedyn, I began this new journey.

After a failed FET in Februray and a failed Clomid cycle in March, I new that it would be okay to slow it down and wait at least half of my total goal for weight loss was achieved for us to try for a sibling.

Well this is where God had a plan.

Apparently, the pregnancy test they did on the 12th, was just too early to detect with urine.
As of today, I am 8w5d pregnant with a singleton.

Now is the worry that the surgery may have done something to the development of this baby.

Your prayers are so needed and so appreciated!

The first u/s was today, a nice 158bpm and four little limbs growing, it was a beautiful sight.

We have choose not to find out the sex, but have agreed on both a girl and a boy name that starts with the letter E, so we will call this Baby E until the birthday.

Baby E is expected to come Jan 21, 2010, however we really believe that Dec 31, 2009 will be the birthday :)

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Sanchez Stories said...

so funny that we have the SAME exact due date!
Hugs to you and baby E... I'll send prayers.

Aedyn at 26 weeks (Only You - David Crowder Band)