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Sunday, March 22, 2009


While it has been quite sometime since I have been updating my blog, a lot has happened.

I will start with seeking prayers for my beloved step grandfather, as he passed over the eve of saturday. He has now joined his wife. We will miss you and we will forever love you.
I have had thoughts today that they are with my other grandparents playing with the twins.

These last few weeks have been hard on me. We had a FET cycle in February which resulted in a BFN. Just getting the blood test was an ordeal in itself. It took a few days for it to finally really hit me and when it did, boy did it. I ended up taking a day to myself to allow for depression.
We thought that we should at least try the exact same method we did last year. We are on clomid this cycle. Let's see how this will work.

In the meantime, the sadness of loosing the twins, loosing Aedyn's twin, loosing two sets of two embryos, my grandma just before Christmas, and now grandpa J, has got me in the dumps.

I have found myself crying and missing the boys so much more when I am on the floor playing with Aedyn. I am sure this will pass, however, it is a little overwhelming.

I am not sure if this is all hormones due to the FET, or hormones as I go back to being normal, or if I am finally coming to reality.


Christy said...

Welcome back Christine! I'm sorry to hear that things have been so rough and sad for you. I'll pray for peace for you and hope you are feeling better soon.

Sanchez Stories said...

I miss u we are on a much needed vacation
please know im thinking of u

Sanchez Stories said...

Are you mad at me? I sure hope not, I think we are about on the same journey and it's just hard some days to talk about it, and we have so much in common with the heart break.
Please let me know that you aren't mad at me.... I know I haven't been the best friend in the world, with all the hiding I feel like doing these last 9 months.
Here is a hug from me to you.

Sanchez Stories said...

I left you a message....
Sending you good vibes today and a cyber hug.
Did you feel it!

Deserving Mom said...

Oh Christine! I am so sorry to hear about your ordeals! Know that my prayers are with you. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but know that you little ones are in heaven and God is using them as angels to watch over you, hubby and Aedyn. Be blessed and know that I'm electronically here for you, LOL. Hope that put a teeny smile on your face.

Aedyn at 26 weeks (Only You - David Crowder Band)